2013 "Top 10 .hk Website Competition"-Entry Form
〔"Commercial" and "Non-commercial" website categories〕

Company /organization name*:
Site URL:
Any office in Hong Kong? Yes No
Year of website first launch:
Business nature: Commercial Non-commercial
Company Size (less than 100): Yes No

Please provide details to the below (Word limit for each judging criteria is 150 words, the content written should be simple, clear, and relevant to each criteria):

1) Overall design and functionality (30%) (e.g. good design and ease of navigation, etc)
2) Engagement (30%) (e.g. online game, etc)
3) Use of Social Media (20%) Does the website contain any social media tools? (Please mark “✔” in the box applicable)
Facebook Weibo Twitter Blog Youtube Pinterest Linkedin
Instant chatting tools (e.g. built-in online chat box) Google+
Others (Please specify)
4) Accessibility (20%) (e.g. “Web Care” elements, catering for the needs of disabled, elderly, etc)
Website information (Optional and for reference only)
Total Monthly Page Views:
Total Monthly Unique Visitors:
Entrant Information
Entrant name︰
(must be CEO/senior manager of the company)
Company Address:
Contact phone: Contact email:

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Deadline for entries: 30 January 2014 (Thursday) 12:00pm
Enquires: Mr Stan Yuen / Ms Yen Lam, Tel: 2319 3828 / 2319 3839, Email: marketing@hkirc.hk